Blind and Mute

Dean Winchester being healed

Back in 2016 I offered to create thematic sets for some friends. My good buddy Zmediaoutletasked for ones where the focal character had their eyes hidden or cropped out by the framing. Since images fitting that exact description proved a bit thinner on the ground, at least in season 1, most of the ones in this particular set have only one eye obscured, or their mouth instead. In going back and…

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Dean in an empty darkened room

Director: Jerry Wanek
Cinematographer: Bradley S. Creasser
Episode: 9.14, “Captives”


#talk about every frame a painting #the intense blackness behind #the spot of light in the foreground #the khaki shirt mirroring the wall #it looks like it was done by a particularly depressed dutch master #beautiful


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Director: John F. ShowalterCinematographer: Serge LadouceurEpisode: 12.17, “The British...

Director: John F. Showalter
Cinematographer: Serge Ladouceur
Episode: 12.17, “The British Invasion”

  • Dean asleep on kitchen table
  • Sam and Dean drinking coffee in kitchen
  • Dean asleep on kitchen table

I have nothing profound or even vaguely interesting to say about these caps. I just love how vulnerable Dean looks like this–asleep on the table, not even the vaguest attempt at putting on a strong front. Defenses down in a way he rarely allowed in the days before he had a home.

(You could…

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