Evil That Walks Invisible: Patience on a Monument




You may be aware that my good buddy @thebratfarrar and I are writing a very big, very long AU in which John Winchester grew up as a Man of Letters. You may not be aware that Brat is writing fascinating little glimpses of the backstory which brought Sam and Dean to the story we see in the main fic. Please enjoy this glimpse of what Dean was up to, just before he came to Boston.

Title: Patience on a Monument, by @thebratfarrar
Length: 1300 words
Summary: The thing is, in the 22 years since they moved to the bunker, Dean’s never known Dad to be late for anything, so for the first day he actually thinks he’s misreading the calendar. Dad said he’d call in on the 8th, he hasn’t called in yet, therefore it can’t be the 9th.

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(and read the main fic here)

Evil That Walks Invisible




@thebratfarrar and I have started a new fic series, an AU that starts from the initiation of Henry Winchester and Josie Sands into the Men of Letters, which asks the question: what if Abaddon didn’t destroy the Letters? What would happen then?

This will be a very long fic and the updates will be slow, but we’re ready to start sharing it. (Heads up: it will be very eventual Wincest, with perhaps the slowest-ever burn, so the bulk of it can be read as gen.) Here’s the short prologue, to give a taste. We really hope you enjoy.

Book One: In a Cursed Hour
Prologue: All Is Not Lost
Summary: In October 1958, Henry Winchester and Josie Sands investigate a haunting in Beardstown, Illinois, and everything goes smoothly. A few weeks later, they prepare for their initiation.

(read on AO3)

A small change of pace–while this is going to remain 99% screen caps, I’ll probably start sharing my (occasional) fic here too–since I’ve pretty much maxed out my LJ market-share. ;)